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Destripando un poco mas el nuevo codex de MEC

Estto que veis son al parecer hojas del nuevo codex de Marines Espaciales del Caos,filtradas ya y puestas en la web de Faeit 212,que ademas trae información extra en este otro link y si,se confirma de forma definitiva que la portada de Bllod Gorgons,la novela de BL sobre marines del caos renegados ha sido la utilizada para el nuevo codex.En las imagenes de las hojas de la WD que puse a la mañana salia la imagen en un recuadro pequeño,pero ya no hay duda.
Me llama mucho la atención esto ultimo,ya que las ilustraciones de los codex solian ser obras originales,es decir,usadas al principio solo para ese libro.Hacia tiempo que no se veia un "reciclaje" de imagenes en la GW.
Ah por cierto,esta es la tan esperada tabla de Ojo Divino,entre otras cosas.No pinta mal^^ y abajo mas fotos...

Chaos Boon table (D66 pick 2d6, one is your tens and the other is your ones)

These all have names but I will leave you to find them out yourselves

You have to win a challenge to roll on this table

11-16 - Nothing

21-22 - Replace model with Chaos Spawn

23 - +1 Attack

24 - Eternal Warrior

25 - +1 Strength

26 - +1 BS

31 - +1 Initiative

32 - Return to full wounds, if unwounded gain +1 Wound

33 - +1 Toughness

34 - Shrouded

35 - Armour Save improves by 1

36 - Melee weapon has Fleshbane

41 - Passing a Deny the Witch roll makes enemy Psyker take a Str 6 AP 2 hit

42 - Re-roll failed armour saves

43 - Melee attacks are Poisoned

44 - Crusader

45 - Hammer of Wrath

46 - Icy Aura (enemy models in base contact take a Str 4 AP 5 hit at Initiative Step 1)

51 - Adamantium Will

52 - A ranged weapon has +1 Strength

53 - Hatred (Everything!)

54 - Shred

55 - Melee attacks have instant death

56 - +1 WS

61 - Stubborn

62 - Fleet

63 - Feel No Pain

64 - Roll another d3+1 on this table (re-rolling Spawnhood and Apotheosis)

65-66 - Replace model with Daemon Prince

Warlord Traits

1 - Friendly units within 12" of Warlord have Preferred Enemy (Space Marines)

2 - Melee weapons belonging to the Warlord and his unit have Soulblaze

3 - D3 infantry units may infiltrate (could this be new Creed???)

4 - Warlord and unit have hatred (everything!)

5 - Warlord causes Fear

6 - Warlord may re-roll Chaos Boons

Thanks to Bramgaunt:

So. Here are Pschic Powers and some special rules. (Note that I translate them myself, so names may differ in the actual Codex...)


Improvised Armor: 6+ Save

Powerarmor: 3+ Save

Terminator Armor: Same as loyalist

Fleshmetal: 2+ Armor


Chaos Bike: SM Bike

Infernal Ammunition: AP3

Mechadrites: +2 A, includes 1 Meltagun and 1 Flamer

Plague Grenades: Mark of Nurgle only - Model carries Offensive and Defensive grenades

Seal of Corruption: 4+ Invulnerable Save


Gifts of Chaos

Aura of Dark Glory: 5+ Invulnerable Save

Gift of Mutation: Ahead of Deployment, roll once on the "Rewards of Chaos" table

Battle-familiar: Model gains 2 additional S4 AP- attacks

Wizard's familiar: Model may reroll failed Psychic tests

Warpblood: Everyime a model with Warpblood suffers an unsaved wound, the unit that caused this wound suffers 1 S3 AP4 hit. (it appears this is not limited to close combat)

Palanquin of Nurgle: Model gains +2 Wounds and +1 Attack and gets the Very bulky special rule

Bloodcrusher of Khorne: Model gains +1 Toughness, +1 Attack and +1 Wound and changes it's unit type to cavallery

Steed of Slaanesh: Model changes it's unit type to cavallery. It runs +3 inces. Gains accurate senses and Outflank special rule and is granted +1 attack

Disk of Tzeentch: Model changes it's unit type to Jetbike and gains +1 Attack

Icons of Chaos

All Icons grant +1 on Combat Resolution

Icon of Revenge: Unit is Fearless

Icon of Flames: Mark of Tzeentch Only: Boltguns, Heavy Boltguns and Bolt Pistols have the Soul Blaze Special Rule

Icon of Rage: Furious Charge, Unit may reroll Charge Distance

Icon of Despair: Mark of Nurgle only: Unit causes Fear

Icon of Ecess: Mark of Slaanesh Only: Unit gains Feel no Pain

Marks of Chaos

Mark of Khorne: Berserker, Counter-attack

Mark of Nurgle: +1 Toughness

Mark of Tzeentch: Invulnerable Saves improved by 1

Mark of Slaanesh: +1 Initiative.

Mark of Nurgle, Mark of Tzeentch, Mark of Slaanesh: If they are given to a psyker, he must chose at least 1 psychic power of the appendant dicipline.

Demonprince Upgrades

Demon of Khorne: Hatred (Demons of Slaanesh), Furious Charge

Demon of Slaanesh: Hatred (Demons of Khorne), Rending, Fleet of Foot, runs +3 inches

Demon of Nurgle: Hatred (Demons of Tzeentch), Slow and Purposefull, Shrouded

Demon of Tzeentch: Hatred (Demons of Nurgle), May Reroll all saves of 1

Psyker: May chose psyonic powers from pyromancy, biomancy or telepathy. If he's a demon of Nurgle, Slaanesh or Tzeentch he must chose at least 1 psycic power from the appendant dicipline.

Vehicle Upgrades:

Destroyer-Blades: Causes D6 S5 AP - hits while performing a Tank shock. If a Unit choses Death or Glory it suffers 2D6 hits instead

Warpflames: All ranged weapons have the Soul Blaze special rule

Whipping Tentacles: Every model suffers -1 attack for each whipping tentacle it has base contact to. (very strange wording here...)

Twin linked Boltgun: Duh.

Siege shield: Vehicle automatically passes dangerous terrain tests

Demon Engine: BS 3. Ignores Crew stunned and Crew shaken on rolls of 2+. When a unit embarks, roll a D6. On a roll of 1 you remove 1 random model as a casulty, and the vehicle regains 1 Hullpoint.

Magma-cutters. If a Maulerfiend with Magmacutters hits with at least one of it's attacks, it generates 1 extra attack. If it hits with all of it's attacks, it generates 2 additional attacks. These attacks have Initiative 1, S8, AP1 and armorbane.

Sonic Blaster: Enemy units within 6" may not perform defensive fire.

Special Rules

Obliterator Weapons: Kyborgs may chose one of the following weapons: Assault Canon, Heavy Flamer, lasCannon, Multimelta, Twinlinked Flamer, TL Plasmagun or TL meltagun. All obliterators must chose the same weapon. They may not chose the same weapon twice in a row.

Mutilator Weapons: Pick one of the following at the start of any combat phase the mutilator is in close combat: Pair of: Lightning Claws, Chain Fists, Power Swords, Power Mauls. All Mutilators must pick the same weapon, and may not chose the same weapon two combat steps in a row.

Might of the Soulforge: Once per game, at the beginning of a shooting or close combat phase, a model may unleash the might of the Soulforge to reroll all failed to wound/armor penetration rolls. It suffers a glancing hit at a roll of 1 at the end of the phase.

Master of Machines: A Warpsmith may try to repair a friendly vehicle or curse an enemy vehicle.

repair: Needs to be in b2b or within the vehicle. On a roll of 5+ (4+ with mechadrites) he restores a hullpoint or removes one weapon destroyed/immobilized result.

Curse: Shooting attack: 18" range. If it hits, the enemy vehicles weapons have the 'gets hot' special rule.

Psychic powers

Discipline of Tzeentch

Primary Power: Flames of Tzeentch Witchfire, Focus 1

24", S5, AP-, Blast, Inferno (Inferno: Each unsaved wound causes an aditional D3 S3 AP - Hits)

1-2: Gift of Mutation: Blessing: Focus 1:

Friendly Character within 2" suffers a S4 AP-hit and ma roll on the "Rewards of Chaos" table

3-4: Bolt of Corruption: Beam, Focus1

18", S8, AP1, Detonation (If the target is an enemy vehicle and suffers a "Vehicle explodes" result the radius of the blast is 2d6 inches instead of D6 inches)

5-6: Odem of Chaos Witchfire, Focus 2

Template, S1, AP2, Poison (4+), corrosive. (corrosive: Vehicles hit suffer a glancing hit on a roll of 4+)

Discipline of Nurgle

Primary Power: Rot of Nurgle Witchfire, Focus 1

6", Assault D6+1, Poison (4+), S2 AP 5. No effect on models of Nurgle (yes, model of Nurgle is the actual wording.)

1-2: Weapon Virus: Curse, Fokus 1

Range 24". All ranged weapons in the enemy unit have the "gets hot" special rule

3-4: Plagued Present Curse, Fokus 1

Range 48". Enemy unit rolls a D3:

1: Corpsefliesinfestation: -1 attack, shrouded

2: muscular atrophy: -1 Strength, may not run

3: Liquifying Fever: -1 Strength and -1 toughness

5-6: Plagued Wind Fokus 2, Witchfier

12", S1, AP2, Assault 1, Blast (5"), Poison (4+)

Discipline of Slaanesh

Primary Power: Overload Witchfire, warp charge 1

24" S4 AP4 Assault 4, concussive, Blind, Pinning

1-2: hysterical frenzy Blessing, Warp Charge 1

Pick non-vehicle unit within 12" and roll a D3

1: +1 Initiative

2: +1 Strength

3: +1 Attack

3-4: Symphony of Pain Curse, Warp Charge 1

1 Enemy unit within 24 inches gets -1 BS and -1 WS. All ranged weapons directed at this unit get +1 Strength.

5-6: extatic wince Witchfire, warp charge 2

24": S: special, AP - Assault 1.

Every nonvehicle model in the enemy unit suffers 1 hit with its own strength.
Me recuerdan a alguien que conoci una vez.Era todo un show...^^
No os parece ya mas que sangrante que las piezas de finescast las pongan pintadas,sobre plastico sin pintar? A mi me alucina...

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  1. ¡Como se les ocurre poner el dado D66, la gente de hoy en día ya no sabe que es eso!
    ¿Arrasadores de cuerpo a cuerpo?... que curioso
    Me gusta que haya vuelto la rivalidad demoniaca, aunque a primera vista sea solo para los demonios. Espero que las tenga el ejército entero, aunque lo dudo bastante, GW no es quien para impedir a la gente meter paladines de Slaanesh en unidades de berserkers.
    Y aunque resulte lógico me llama la atención que la marca de khorne ya no de un ataque directo y que haya que asaltar para obtenerlo, es lo lógico pero me llama la atención

  2. "GW no es quien para impedir a la gente meter paladines de Slaanesh en unidades de berserkers." Eso me a hecho gracia^^
    Y por que no?Antes ya se hacia y yo lo veria muy bien.Si los demonios se odian entre si y no se ven,los seguidores de sus mismos dioses también,por logica.Haria que la gente pensase mas.

  3. Hombre, pues yo veo lógico que no se pueda... Me parece bastante normal que un paladín de un dios no pueda comandar tropas de otro.
    Pero es cosa mía, que juego a WH40K de forma muy rara XDDD

  4. ¿Vamos a dejar que un detallito trasfondístico mínimo tire por tierra tantos esfuerzos por la union de las naciones demoniacas? Total, ¿que son millones de años de rivalidad comparados con la imagen de unos marines de plaga andando de la mano con unos mil hijos? Desde luego no quiero ser yo quien le diga al kofi Annan de la disformidad que todos sus esfuerzos de quinta edición no han servido de nada y las legiones del caos vuelven a mirarse mal.
    Pobre hombre, ya no se respeta nada, ¡Vergüenza debería daros!
    Tonterías aparte en la sección de reglas especiales no se ve nada al respecto, esperemos que esté en alguna otra hoja no escaneada ya que tiene toda la lógica del mundo

    1. Siii,me da muchaaaaXD
      Me temo que a Kofi(Gav)y Annan(Cavatore) los han sacado hasta de la disformidad hace ya tiempo,asi que su labor queda desprotegida...
      Ahora veremos si no nos pasa como la anciana de Siracusa.

  5. El precio de la WD en euros...no parece tener el iva asumido,pero veo dos precios en euros.


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