domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Ganadores del Golden Demon y la Matademonios,por Volomir

Esta figura,un Mechanicum Thanatar Siege-Automata de Forge World pintado con los viejos colores y heraldica de la Legio Gryphonicus es de un tal Grey,es la ganadora de la Matademonios este año en el Golden Demon de Reino Unido que se ha celebrado en el Warhammer Fest.Ademas,se ha llevado por si fuera poco Oro al mejor Vehículo de W40K,y el Best show de esta nada mal el botín que se lleva el artista que lo ha pintado.La foto la ha tomado Volomir,junto con otras mas,que tras asistir al evento ha colgado en su blog formando una galería con las figuras premiadas en distintas categorías y otras figuras no premiadas pero destacadas.
Las podéis ver en este link a su blog.Ha prometido que pronto habrá mas fotos  pero nos deja estas de aperitivo Yo os dejo algunas imágenes sueltas de los ganadores de algunas categorías:

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  1. Yo me quedaría con los comentarios de uno de los participantes (que no recibió nada pese a que su nivel es brutal)

    So what did I learn from this year’s Golden Demon? After talking it over with a couple of Demon winners at the weekend I have etched the following points into my psyche:

    1. Keep it clean. Thin paints in multiple layers, battle damage but nothing over the top, fully detailed & subtle weathering.

    2. Don't take the conversions too far. I need to rein it in to keep the aesthetic of the model in keeping with the Warhammer universe.

    3. Paint something recognizable. As an extension of point 2, the judges have to know what they are looking at and the colour scheme must resemble the GW property. No more entries of my creation.

    4. Allow significantly more time. This is always my downfall in my work and hobby life, time management! I'm going to begin working on projects throughout the year, modelling in the first half, painting in the second.

    5. Paint to completion. Probably the biggest one here. I need to FINISH painting a project. To date I can't think of a paint job that I've finished to completion? I'm always wanting one more day to apply some more detail.

    So what's next for Rumplemaster. I'm probably going to take a week off from hobbying to recoupe then it's time to move on to the next batch of projects. I have a big commision to undertake ready for Christmas / January which is going to take up a lot of my time. I have an Eldar army built ready for painting, a GT heat in November and the Calledonian uprising tournament in January. I also have my eyes on building a Tau (goodies from Warhammer Fest may have come home with me) and a Ork army for my personal collection. Throw on top all of the ideas I have for next years Golden Demon it's looking like things are not going to slow down. I may even build a few more Angron conversions as interest in that particular conversion are constantly coming in.

    Expect to see a video up on my YouTube channel in the next week of this years GD entry.

    Thank you to everyone for all the kind comments and support, it really does motivate me to create and keep updating.

    More to come.



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